TOTALSHAVE - Pre-Post Shave Balm. 200 ML.

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Shave balm with built-in post-shave lotion. TotalShave in a cream to apply before shaving and acting as a post-shave balm once we clean the face with water.

With the face moistened, apply the cream on the part that we are going to shave. Shaving with a razor as usual and once finished, clean with water, does not require post shave or after shave lotion. Avoid redness, pimples and get our skin does not suffer the daily aggressions, leaving us feeling of freshness and hydration.

Transparent cream that allow to see the shaving area, it is perfect to trim the beard and sensitive areas.

Main active ingredients:


Porphyridium cruentum.


Menthol microcapsules.

Vegetable emollients.


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Transparent shaving cream that facilitates shaving, softens the beard hair and prepares the skin avoiding redness and pimples. No need after shave lotion. Perfect for shaving sensitive skin and being transparent ideal to trim the beard.

Main active ingredients:

Alpha-bisabolol (active concentrate that prevents and calms irritation)

Porphyridium cruentum (enhances the natural protective barrier of the skin avoiding external aggressions).,

Collagen (of marine origin provides elasticity and firmness).

Menthol microcapsules (Soothing active that provides immediate and lasting freshness)

Vegetable emollients (moisturize and protect).

Moisten the skin of the face and apply the cream to the area you will shave. Use the razor as normal cutting the stubble removing the cream. When you have finished shaving, rinse with water and dry. If afterwards you discover hairs which escaped the process, simply pass the razor again, without needing to reapply the cream.

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