Laboratorios Costa is a company founded by Mr. Juan Costa in 1990. He holds a Degree in Pharmacy and a Pharmaceutical Specialist in Industrial Pharmacy and Galenic, with the ambitious project to apply its pharmaceutical knowledge to cosmetic science.


A young Juan Costa, as a recent graduate, with an enterprising spirit and a curious and lively character, created his cosmetic formulations in a small laboratory located in the centre of his native town. His know-how and those early formulations and tests will become, without his knowledge, in a group of products that not only contributes to aesthetic value, since it also covers every skin need. Juan understands the cosmetic products as an exhaustive skin care process; since cleansing and tonifying to moisturizing, treatment and skin protection. Thanks to those principles and his high personal standards, Mr Costa began to make his name within the national cosmetic sector, with personal formulations made for pharmacies and perfumeries, where the customer demands visible and instant high-level results.


“I’ve always liked to be able to project my scientific knowledge to the business world, and the cosmetic sector let me apply them and be able to improve and enjoy it throughout life”


Since our beginning, the main pillar in the company has been the third-party manufacturing. Our history can be resumed in a constant evolution aimed at the market needs, adapting our products and our formulations and keeping rigour and high-quality standards, improving day by day our service and quality parameters, while staying true to our pharmacy formulation criteria. These thirty years of experience have helped us to perfectionate our techniques and our cosmetic actives dosage accuracy for the best result in every formulation. That is why our slogan is “High Scientific Cosmetics”. In 1997, Laboratorios Costa set its facilities where they are nowadays.


“Cosmetic market is a rising market, in constantly evolution and with attractive prospects for those who are able to design and formulate.

Nowadays, there are two kinds of cosmetics: those designed for the mass market where the price gives priority over the quality, and those cosmetics aimed at the more specialized sectors where the quality is what takes precedence”.


Our facilities, laboratories, offices and warehouse, have gone from 500 m2 (1997) to 2500 m2 (2019). With our latest expansion, the company has 550 m2 of clean rooms for production and filling, and 1950 m2 for packaging, labeling and product storage.

It young, dynamic and efficient task force, works in collaboration with different Spanish Universities and with strict quality controls. Our team is capable of combining scientific rigour, market demands, innovations and constant evolution. Our commitment is to research and develop new cosmetic formulas of the highest quality, always seeking the balance and luminosity of the skin with the latest technology.

To this end, we have implemented a Quality Management System, whose references are ISO EN-9001:2015 and the Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points System (HACCP). In addition, we have different reactors with which we can assume production volumes quickly and safely.



Thanks to the experience acquired, the Costaderm band was born, and with it, a wide range of “High Scientific Cosmetic" products was created with the mission to allow any type of markets, to get a line of cosmetics with a high seal of quality, efficiency and presentation at affordable prices.


“To apply physical sensitivities to cosmetics to improve the final result of the active ingredients. The skin is the largest organ of the body and with more memory, so we must be aware that each aggression can mark it forever. Dermo-cosmetic products are not created for a specific application, but have been created to provide the skin with the necessary daily amount of nutrients to keep it young, luminous and healthy.”


Our staff has the qualifications, experience and the most advanced means to test our formulas that allow us to always offer new products, anticipating the demand of our customers and be at the forefront of needs and trends. We are committed to innovation, dedicating a large part of our resources to R+D+i.


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