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Reducing treatment with a gentle thermal effect. Combats the accumulation of fat, both in the epidermis and the deeper layers of the skin. Helps dissolve fat and clear orange peel skin. A global solution to the problem of excess fats, perfect for slimming and remodelling the figure.

Main active ingredients:



Potassium iodide.

Methyl nicotinate.

Fucus extract.

Ivy extract.

Commiphora extract.

Green tea extract.


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Anti-cellulite cream, mild heat effect, which fights accumulated fat, penetrates and eliminates the accumulated fat from deep layers of the skin.

Main active ingredients:

Foskolin (reaffirms and tones).

Caffeine (lipolytic).

Potassium iodide (lipolytic).

Methyl nicotinate (rubefacient, activates the circulation).

Fucus extract (seaweed that favors lipolysis, tones, calms and softens).

Ivy extract (vasotonic and decongestant).

Commiphora extract (reaffirms and tones)

Green tea extract (lipolytic).

Produces a slight reddening of the skin which disappears after 20 minutes, due not to an allergic reaction, but rather to the hyper-concentration of blood in the area which helps eliminate the target fat rests. In addition we achieve perfect moisture balance and a rejuvenated appearance in the skin. Apply to the desired areas, gently massaging in a circular motion.

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