Why is it important to hydrate the skin?


Hydrating the skin is to restore its natural water balance so that it can perform its protective and vital function with maximum efficiency; water is an important element that intervenes in all the processes of the different layers, let's see how:


- Epidermis: outermost layer of the skin. It acts as the first protective barrier, it is made up of the hydrolipidic mantle, it is made up of fat and water and therefore hydration is essential for it to perform its defensive work correctly.


- Dermis: Inner layer of the skin where the structural glands of the skin are located. The presence of water in this area is of great importance for the proper functioning of the metabolism and nutrition of the skin cells.


- Hypodermis: Inner layer of the skin where both the fibroblasts, responsible for manufacturing collagen and elastin, which provide elasticity and smooth the skin (they need proper hydration to carry out this function), and the adipocytes whose mission are found burning fat (for this, they also require a good water intake).


As we can see, the skin is an organ that requires constant hydration and with the passage of time, the body loses its ability to supply and conserve water in the dermis, hence the appearance of dry, damaged, scaly, rough skin.


A supply of hydration through creams with contributions of nutrients and suitable active ingredients that facilitate, enhance and retain hydration are an excellent support and maintenance element for the skin.

But are all creams good for all skin? Just as there are a variety of skin types, normal, dry, sensitive or oily, we also find adapted cosmetic formulation, since, depending on its type, each skin will need a specific contribution of active principles destined to contribute what each type of dermis requires.


With Costaderm we have studied the particularities of each skin to formulate highly scientific cosmetics to offer you a guaranteed and effective product for the best hydration of each skin.


Our dermo-cosmetic hydration line offers a complete line of creams adapted to the needs of each skin.