Do you know what Jojoba is and where it is extracted?

Jojoba, in the scientific name Simmondsia Chinensis, is a shrub native to North America, more specifically the deserts of Sonora and Mojave. It is a plant with a long life that overlaps the 100 years of life, reaching a size of 5 meters. in height.

This plant has the particularity of having its male specimens that produce pollen and red blood cells that generate flowers and fruits; from the semen contained in the latter is extracted, by pressing, the acceptance of Jojoba, which is not such a bell a biodegradable liquid wax.

Were the native Americans who discovered the cosmetic qualities of this plant, using it both for the care of the hair and for the protection of the skin against the scorching sun of the desert regions.

In its composition, we have 95% ceramides, forming a high resistance to oxidation and heat, which gives it great persistence of its qualities with the weather.

Jojoba's acceptance is a great ally for our skin, it gives hydration to retain moisture, so it is very suitable for dry skin, it increases the elasticity, the smoothness and firmness of our skin.

It is also an excellent antioxidant because it contains vitamin E, offering protection against the free radicals generated by our organism.

In Costaderm we incorporate Jojoba's acceptance in order to give a plus of hydration and softness to your skin so that you receive the utmost care in the face of environmental damage.