Shaving Cream with Balm.


Description somewhat elaborate but accurate to explain what TOTALSHAVE consists of. Creamy in texture, when applied to the face, it softens the hair and prepares the skin for shaving. Allows the blade to glide perfectly over the skin, avoiding redness, pimples and irritations.

You apply the cream, shave with the blade, even against the grain and wash with water, it's that simple. You do not need extra lotions or hydration since it incorporates collagen and leaves the skin hydrated at the end. A cream that becomes transparent when applied, allows us to see exactly where we position the blade and a precision shave.

Designed for those users who outline the beard on cheekbones or delicate areas such as the neck, being able to perfectly mark the beard line, avoiding irritations on the neck.

For all types of shaving, razor blade, classic blade razor, disposable razor, etc.

Shaving cream for men that does not require application products before shaving, such as oils or waxes, since by itself it softens and prepares the hair and facial skin.


Shaving tips to avoid skin irritations:


1)      Plan your shave right after you shower, thanks to the warmth of the hot shower water, the pore dilates and the hair softens. If to this you add the application of the cream, you will get that neither pimples nor irritations appear on your face.

2)    We also recommend using a new blade, replacement or edge for each shave. The trim of the beard will be perfect and long-lasting.

3)    Once TOTALSHAVE has been applied, let it settle and act for a few seconds.


In addition to shaving, men cannot forget the daily care of hydration and wrinkles, and the less time it takes, the better.

You need a cream that is easy to apply, absorbs quickly and leaves your skin perfectly hydrated and nourished throughout the day. HYDROMEN, an anti-wrinkle moisturizing cream, light, fluid and instantly absorbed, hydrates 24 hours and is comfortable to transport, thanks to its container with airless dispenser and self-closing to avoid spills.

One of the active ingredients that make up the formula of these two cosmetics is a Red Alga that has the ability to restore the natural connection of our skin cells and thus strengthen the layer that protects it.

This red microalga (Porphyridium Cruentum*) is found in crops in waters of the marine spring of the Pink Granite coast, in the north of French Brittany.

Thanks to its origin, in addition to the innumerable benefits previously described it brings, it also provides essential minerals, key to the proper functioning and appearance of the skin, for this reason these products are so recommended for all skin types, for atopic skin, delicate and sensitive.

* (We explain more about this seaweed in the next blog post, click here to read about it.)