Oily skin contains a greater amount of lipids in its tissues that provide greater protection against external agents, but also collect and absorb more dirt.


This causes a certain tendency to dehydration due to excess superficial sebum and the skin having a thicker appearance, which can cause imbalances in cell connections and loss of protection against external agents.


Sebum is a mixture of lipids naturally present in the skin (triglycerides, fatty acids, ceramides, squalene and cholesterol mainly), it originates in the sebaceous glands and contributes to the formation of the hydrolipidic mantle of the skin, covering the stratum corneum and maintaining the protective barrier function. An essential component for the skin's own protection as a barrier against external agents.


We must use products with specific active ingredients that regulate the production of excess fat, improve its quality and allow the skin to return to proper hydration. To do this, maintaining a good cleaning routine and a healthy diet are key to returning protection, normality and stability to the skin.


·        The witch hazel extract that we use in our formulas is of natural origin, with anti-inflammatory and astringent properties, which removes excess sebum and tightens irritated pores. (Peeling Gel, Hydro Pur and Clean Pur).

·        Tincture of Sabal Serrulata, reduces and inhibits the production of fat from the sebaceous glands. (Clean Pur).

·        Micronized Kaolin, used in BALANCE moisturizing cream, is a natural active ingredient that absorbs excess oil from the skin and mattifies it. (Balance).

·        Cleome Gyandra extract has antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial properties. With a high content of polyphenols, which reduce the production of sebum, improve its quality and reduce the inflammation caused by acne-causing bacteria. (Balance).

·        Azeloglycine is a lightening active, it normalizes the production of sebum and prevents acne. (Peeling Gel, Hydro Gel, Hydro Pur, Balance and Clean Pur).

·        Salicylic acid acts as an anti-acne treatment, with great penetration capacity. Exfoliates dead cells and reduces clogged pores and skin rashes. (Hydro Gel and Clean Pur).


Ingredients appropriate for this type of skin. If we applied them to other types of skin, they would dry it out and leave an uncomfortable feeling. For this reason, we always emphasize that each skin needs certain assets and certain percentages to achieve treatment effectiveness and results.


In the care and maintenance routines of oily skin, the order of application is very important. In the first place, step 1 is deep cleaning with PEELING GEL, a product that we must use two to four times a week, depending on the tolerance of our skin. Physical peeling that deepens with cleaning and reduces furrows and wrinkle marks and scars. Its application must be with a gentle massage with the fingertips of the hand.


Second and to complete the cleaning, HYDRO GEL. Cleaning gel that we can use daily, even several times, that prevents and prevents the appearance of acne, balancing and eliminating excess oil.

Step 3, with the skin well clean and dry, we apply with the help of a cotton ball, HYDRO PUR astringent tonic for daily use that corrects excess oil and helps to close the enlarged pores, toning and purifying the skin, eliminating the remains of impurities.


With clean and toned skin, we finish with steps 4 and 5, serum and cream that oxygenates and hydrates respectively.


We apply the SERUM O2 in the fourth step allowing oxygenate and hydrate the skin. In addition, it contains vitamin C and E and rosehip oil that hydrates, helps heal and prevents tissues from breaking, making them more elastic.


And to complete the hydration, the 5th step, the BALANCE cream that has been specifically formulated for oily skin. Moisturizes 24 hours a day in depth, providing the right and necessary active ingredients, it also regulates, keeps sebum secretion at bay and prevents shine.


In the case of pimples, the acne should be treated and added to this maintenance routine, the 6th step, with the application of the CLEAN PUR anti-acne lotion, only on the affected area, soaking without rubbing with the help of a cotton ball. It has anti-inflammatory action, dries and descales the cystic grains. Contains alcohol.


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