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TOTALSHAVE - Pre-Post Shave... TOTALSHAVE - Pre-Post Shave... 2
Shave balm with built-in post-shave lotion. TotalShave in a cream to apply before shaving and acting as a post-shave balm once we clean the face with water.With the face moistened, apply the cream on the part that we are going to shave. Shaving with a razor as usual and once finished, clean with water, does not require post shave or after shave lotion....
HYDROMEN - Moisturising and... HYDROMEN - Moisturising and... 2
Moisturising and Anti-wrinkle cream for men, covering normal, mixed and sensitive skin types. This light lotion is easily absorbed and leaves no shiny patches on the face. An all in one facial treatment with solar filters to deliver the balance of liquids the skin needs, it combats wrinkles and forms a protective shield against the elements, delivering...
EYES EXPRESS - Eye contour... EYES EXPRESS - Eye contour... 2
Lightweight cream of rapid absorption, enriched with hyaluronic acid, coenzyme Q10 and peptides intended for the care of the eye contour. Effective product with anti-puffiness and anti-bags action while moisturizing the skin and helping to eliminate the lines of expression around the eye. Main active ingredients: Very high molecular weight hyaluronic...
EXFO - Exfoliating... EXFO - Exfoliating... 2
Gel solution with exfoliating particles for deep cleaning. Eliminates impurities accumulated during the day while softens and calms the skin. It treats of a product that cleans in depth the impurities that accumulates the face. It removes excess oil from the skin while calming and softening it. Main active ingredients: Aloe barbadensis (aloe vera)....
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